Acupuncture NYC

CBS Local rates Joyce Acupuncture NYC "2015 Best Places for Acupuncture in NYC"

In a world full of chaos & deadlines, we don't always have time to unplug & reset our internal body clocks. We NEED to.  

Studies clearly show an advanced deterioration in one's physical & emotional state of being of those who continually burn the candle at both ends - you know who you are, my A type personalities! Perpetual stress & activity without downtime denies the body the ability to sort, repair & "take out the garbage." The body suffers from toxic clutter. 

Acupuncture can help you take an abbreviated vacation as frequently as you wish. Within an hour, you can unplug, unwind, and allow your body to reset & heal. Whether you're coming for stress relief or acute pain from injury, acupuncture will ameliorate the intensity of the sensations, allowing room for healing.

Psst!! What are you waiting for?

Joyce Acupuncture NYC  focuses on the basic needs of New Yorkers - stress relief, pain relief, back injuries, frozen shoulder, migraines, weight loss, blood pressure maintenance, fertility support, depression, anxieties, smoking cessation, substance addictions, spiritual disconnectedness & so on.  Find your bliss, your inner peace and holistic wellness right in the heart of NYC.  

Joyce Acupuncture NYC

Tel: 646-827-1128

Relax and heal.